hinking about things in his mind.

Why does he want to join the SkyEyes 西安夜桑拿论坛 organization? He feels that he is just a person after all. Sometimes he does feel lonely. Everything needs to be done by himself. If there is a team, it is much simpler.
Although the Sky Eye organization committed crimes, it was not a purely criminal organization. It should be said that it was a 西安洗浴网 team struggling for ideals. This did not conflict with Jiang Hao’s ideals.
As for why Japan was chosen as the first destination, there are many reasons. First, Japan plunders the most cultural relics from China. Some people say that many of them are bought. Jiang Hao doesn’t want to attack anyone, but it must be robbed. Big head, big head, big head.
Second, according to statistics, 30% of Chinese cultural relics sold in the international market are from Japan. In other words, the Japanese are selling cultural relics and are stealing China’s finances.
In fact, China has seen through all this a long time ago. Japan, European and American countries, are all deliberately speculating on the value of Chinese cultural relics, and then letting China pay the bill. The China Cultural Relics Administration has issued a notice long ago to 西安夜网论坛 prohibit state-owned museums from repurchasing overseas. Lost cultural relics.
However, this ban can only control state-owned museums, and the state cannot control those private museums and private collectors.
Third, Japan is close to China. He has stolen things, and it is also convenient for transportation. If you steal things in European countries, it will take more than ten hours to fly by plane, which will be very troublesome.
Fourth, in short, he sees Japan not pleasing to his eyes. This reason is strong enough.
Thinking of things in his head, Jiang Hao quickly fell asleep. He slept until noon before Jiang Hao woke up, turned on the TV and went to the bathroom to wash. At the moment, news was being broadcast outside. After a few news, Jiang Hao listened. The host who went to the TV said: “We