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Chapter 762 has no intention of going through the hall, but cites the mountain torrent
“This place is not bad.”
At noon the next day, a hot pot barbecue restaurant in Lianjiang City welcomed a group of special female guests, which attracted the attention of the clerk-which model Team up to eat hot pot barbecue?
Gu Yueyan pressed her miniskirt embarrassingly, looked down at her black silk 西安耍耍网 knee-high socks, and asked in a low voice crampedly: “Can’t you wear other clothes?”
Wearing a chiffon vest dress and combing her hair down, Lin Xianyu, who is as slim as a demure girl from the south of the Yangtze River, reached out and held Gu Yueyan’s exposed snow shoulders, took out her mobile phone and took a selfie with her, and said with a smile: “This is great.” , The squad leader relax, you won’t care if you wear more, just wear it like this in the future.”
“No need.” Gu Yueyan hurriedly sat in the innermost position as soon as he got to the seat, avoiding the sight of other people, and finally relaxed. , Whispered: “I have never heard of disguise like this.”
“Otherwise, what do you think?” Qiao Muyi, wearing a short coat of mink, stepping on high heels, with her hair tangled like a lady sitting. Opposite them, he held his 西安桑拿按摩网 chin and smiled and said, “Do you wear a hat, a mask, and sunglasses, just write the words’I am a suspicious stalker’ on your forehead?”
Gu Yueyan argued. “Then you can use a telescope to monitor him from a little farther away.”
“Xiao Suo is also a Rank 4 monk anyway. His observation ability is definitely not weak. If 西安足浴spa you want to monitor him, you can’t use ordinary methods.” Qiao Muyi said: “You should be able to vaguely perceive other people’s gazes now? The fourth-ranked monk is even more so. No matter how far away, as long as others are watching me carefully, I will feel a little bit.”
“In this respect, the farther the distance is. The easier it is to be discovered, on the contrary, we just pretend to be sitting next to each other. As long as we don’t speak a