antiques, but also scanned the entire room in all directions, leaving no dead ends.

At noon, Jiang Hao left the Rockefeller Building and came to the hidden corner again. Not long after, a mouse appeared, and Jiang Hao began to explore their sea of ??knowledge.
Although mice are not as smart as weasels, they can be used for reconnaissance. What’s more important is that they have a huge population of more than 20 billion in this world, and they are everywhere. There are only things you can’t think of, and nothing they can’t go to.
Through the investigation of these mice, Jiang Hao used his powerful brain to form a huge road 西安夜生活论坛 map with their somewhat messy memories, and the internal structure of the entire Rockefeller Building came into being in Jiang Hao’s mind.
After dismissing 西安品茶网 these mice, Jiang Hao stood up.
I took a taxi to Brooklyn and started to buy the things I needed. Time passed a little bit, until after nine o’clock in the evening, a young man came to the Rockefeller Building again.
The building does not close. Some units have people working all night. Jiang Hao has a clip on his chest. In the elevator room, he uses an ID card to swipe the elevator to take the elevator.
Don’t ask how these came, the staff who came in and out were all targeted by Jiang Hao.
On the 51st floor, the exhibition hall was already closed. Jiang Hao stepped into the bathroom, looked around, and found the ventilation channel above.
Unscrew the screw on the air rail, Jiang Hao got in dexterously, and then covered the air rail. The ventilation ducts extend in all directions and are narrow and cramped. It is difficult to crawl 西安夜桑拿论坛 on your knees. More importantly, there is no direction at all. You don’t know yourself. Where did you go.
Jiang Hao has a complete picture of ventilation ducts in his mind, and he keeps moving along the map in his mind. After more than ten minutes, Jiang Hao came to the top of the exhibition hall.
Taking out a pair of glasses and putting them on, Jiang Hao saw that there were