As long as the owner is happy and the atmosphere is pleasant.

Who really wants to buy a house?
No one will sell this kind of house easily!
And cooking tea, playing the piano, chatting, and tasting snacks.
It’s the midnight snack that Zhuang Shikai and Cai Yuanqi said.
No way, things are different for the boss. Mr. Huo and Mr. Shao would not drive a sports car, an airplane, or take a group of people to Mong Kok to eat barbecue and fish balls with him.
To communicate with people of which identity, you must do things that conform to your identity.
Zhuang Shikai can neither neglect the opponent nor make the opponent look down upon.
Otherwise, others thought that he was just a police officer who could kill with knives and guns.
Then it’s not beautiful.
Not only will there be a lot less business cooperation in the 西安桑拿夜网 future, but also many opportunities will be missed. You can only maintain a superficial relationship with the big brothers instead of being true friends.
After all, the upper class knows how to “play”, which is also an important ability.
Only those who can “play” together are true friends.
Obviously, Zhuang Shikai’s gameplay is in line with his own aesthetics, and several big guys like it very much. In the conversation, Zhuang Shikai has already been regarded as a “playmate”. Rather than a mere partner.
At this time, Mr. Song raised his wine glass and preached: “Come on, we congratulate Zhuang Sheng as a director of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and have a cup of tea.”
“Drinking tea.”
“Drinking tea.”
Mr. Huo, Mr. Shao and others raised up. cup.
“Thank you.”
Zhuang Shikai smiled slightly, raised his glasses and 西安品茶网 touched each other, holding up the teacup with three fingers, and putting the tea into his mouth.
Today, the top five people are gathering in the top circle. It’s not that someone is hungry, just make a phone call and ask for supper.
But there is a reason…this 西安洗浴网 reason is that Zhuang Shikai became the director of the “Chinese Chamber of C