Yueyan. If this is like it, then I am too scumbag.”

“Moreover, you and I have only met for a few days, and you are my character in the game. Although you do a lot of things that couples do with me, but normally, my feelings for you are at best. like the spur of the moment. ” ”
only ”
” just ”
building a barrier is comparable to the ruins of any cable does not hesitate to break out again,” Zhan Zhuang feather magician do not die, “the internal organs begin chest pain red red hair .
Although Ren Suo found many reasons for himself, he still clearly recognized a helpless fact.
The small world game console doesn’t care about Luna.
But he 西安夜网论坛 cares.
:. :
Chapter 623 takes me away
without pain.
I don’t hurt at all.
The swift blue-haired figure flickered in the flower field, with a warm glow on her body, quickly and carefully repairing Luna’s body injuries, and suppressing her pain, so that her will can always be kept in a calm fighting state.
She remembered the warmth clearly.
When Xiao Bai was injured, she licked Xiao Bai and couldn’t make Xiao Bai feel better. Xiao Bai shed tears from the pain. At that time, he came over and took the initiative to heal Xiao Bai with this warmth, and Xiao Bai was healed and no longer hurt.
This warmth comes from his strength.
At this time, Luna suddenly understood everything.
The strong will in her mind that has been pointing her, has been helping her, has been providing her with special items and special abilities, is derived from 西安耍耍论坛 her favorite pet.
The reason why she wanted to grab that inexplicable silver moon crystal, to fight those unknown humans, to endure the pain to escape, to be resented by humans, to fight this terrifying monster, all the pain she has experienced these days , All 西安洗浴网 come from the arrangement of pets.
But Luna never resented.
Because she became a human being, she ate sweet ice cream, swam happily, and played with Xiaoyueyue for many days with her pet as an equal. This is the feeling she has experienced. She has experi