y desperate!

On the Daxia Mansion side, it is not easy to intervene now. On the Daming Mansion side, it would be difficult to bring that guy back without dispatching a top Sun and Moon.
at the same time.
The news spread quickly.
Human environment, Daming Mansion.
Zhu Tiandao sighed, he could really cause trouble, which clan did he do with?
Is the Xuan Kai clan?
The Xuan Kai clan is so brave to kill you. If you are killed while lying down, you dare to resist!
Really think King Xuan Kai is very powerful?
“Take the Shadow Guard, go to the battlefield of the heavens, and pick Su Yu back!”
Zhu Tiandao said indifferently: “All the people blocking the road have been killed!”
“Sir, how many with you”
Shadow One Zhen, “My lord, the 12 shadow guards, take all of them?”
Shadow was frightened, 12 shadow guards, plus himself, 13 of them, 6 of them Sun Moon, 7 of Shanhai peak.
This is the core guarding force of the Zhu Family of Daming Mansion!
Palace Lord, is this crazy?
They all entered the battlefield of the heavens, and he didn’t dare to think once they were destroyed.
And Zhu Tiandao, after reading the list time and time again, murmured: “Uncle, if you take a gamble, you can kill the mountains and seas, maybe it will be the next Ye Batian!”
Chapter 376, Sky List 11, Su Yu! (Ten thousand more subscriptions) The
ancient city of Heaven exterminates.
That night, dead spirits kept appearing all over the city, frightened countless creatures to tremble, afraid to go out, and let the noise outside turn upside down.
Every strong man rises 西安耍耍网on his bones.
It depends on whose bones rise up!
Can Su Yu rise?
Still fall here?
No one knows!
In the past years, Modona had risen in the same way, killing the Quartet, otherwise, there was no record of killing the Seventh Mountain and the Sea, and even Invincible shot him personally.
Back then, Ye Batian’s rise was also sweeping the Quartet, killing sentient be