CBA四阶段 | 北京紫禁勇士不敌山东西王

She stamped her foot and turned to catch up with Zhao Zili. Now Zhao Zili has ran to the sidewalk beside the road. There are only shops and no buildings nearby, so he did not jump around and shoot.
But there are quite a lot of people on the sidewalk, and there are more people walking here in the distance. The nearby cars have to stop and look for shots because of violations. All four lanes are blocked. The opposite sidewalk is also very crowded. It is not too much to describe the empty streets of thousands of people.
The beautiful girl in the black vest chose to stop here, because she wanted to rely on the masses to stop Zhao Zili’s footsteps. After all, based on the preliminary investigation in just 20 minutes, the countermeasures bureau has been able to confirm that Zhao Zili has no tendency to attack at all.
However, if it’s hard to move on the road, don’t walk the road.
I saw Zhao Zili leaping, holding Gatling and dashing all the way on the wall, chanting loudly:
“Burning the heart and invigorating the blood, and relieving the 西安夜桑拿网 sea of ??suffering!”
“With the Lord of billions of brilliance, the eternal scorching heart, wind and rain “In the name of the Snow King”
there is no way. Seeing this, the beautiful girl in the black vest spoke to the walkie-talkie, and then took a deep breath. The ponytail, which was tied up for ease of movement, floated slightly.
There was a thunder on the ground, and she jumped up heavily, actually following Zhao Zili’s pace, stepping on the wall to follow him!
Ren Suo was shocked. You must know that Zhao Zili’s “Superman Asylum” gave him a super promotion in all aspects. Things like stepping on a wall seemed simple, but Newton was not dead. Zhao Zili was affected by gravity all the time.
The reason why Zhao Zili was able to step on the wall violently was because he embedded the edge of the shoe a little bit into the wall every step, 西安桑拿按摩网 and found the fulcrum below to provide friction, so that he could move forward step by step.
But how ca