ago, in order to avoid fighting with the tens of thousands of people and the prison king, the loss was heavy, and hundreds of battles chose to avoid the battle. At that time, some people were dissatisfied and some were not angry, but they all knew that the situation could not be reversed.

Moreover, the losses were too heavy and did not meet expectations.
But now, Su Yu effortlessly slays powerful enemies and kills many heavenly venerables. Isn’t it worth the joy?
Following a hundred battles, there is also faith.
Human race is faith.
Whether the human ancestor, the human emperor, Su Yu, or a hundred battles, they are all human races, not the rebellious prison kings, they have never betrayed human races, have they?
Xueying thought in her 西安夜生活论坛 heart, and no 西安夜网论坛 longer paid attention to the questioning of the long eyebrows.
Yes, for some people, Su Yu’s targeting of a series of battles this time is somewhat obvious.
At this time, the controversy is also great.
Below, Jiang Haihou said solemnly: “Your Majesty, Su Yu did it deliberately! After this battle, Su Yu’s strength has increased again.” As
he said this, Yue Luo whispered: “Su Yu, there are a lot of celestial beings! Three Yue, Giant Axe, Fat Ball, Tong Tian, ??including the Mandate of Heaven, should have all worked for Su Yu! He himself also possesses the top-level Celestial Power. Before, he teamed up with Thunderstorm and March to instantly kill Yue Hao.”
“Thunderstorm? ”
Zhang Mei sadly said:”?? and Su Yu thunderstorms also teamed up what he meant ”
someone to look long eyebrows, eyebrow slightly.
Long eyebrows, what do you 西安夜桑拿论坛 want to do?
Thunderstorm is the chief of the giant clan, of course, the chief of the upper realm, the king of giants is in the lower realm.
Is it necessary to join forces?
Baizhan waved his hand slightly, interrupted his long eyebrows, did not answer the topic, and whispered softly: “I’m afraid there are more than that, this may not be his full strength.”
A group of people were shocke