le’s hearts are too unpredictable!

It’s unreasonable!
The Great Sage Hongtian sighed and suffered a big loss. After many years of layout in the Tianmen, all was destroyed!
That monstrous life and death force swept the entire world, too powerful!
Much greater than Su Yu’s power to die with the Lord of Fallen Soul Valley that day!
Even if Su Yu and the others are a bit far away, at this moment, they are vomiting blood one after another by this aftermath!
Qiong, who was 西安洗浴网 at war with Kong, opened his mouth wide and muttered: “You’re crazy, but you don’t need to explode, right?”
At this moment, even if Xianzu was really a human messenger, he didn’t care. Everyone died. What am I going to care about?
He saw a avenue full of life force collapsing, crazily collapse, a force of life and death intertwined, turned into a powerful force, sweeping the Quartet again!
Qiong was stunned, and Kong was stunned.
In the distance, Shi also forgot to suppress the king, and was also dumbfounded.
Resurrection is kidding!
Everyone does not believe that if you have reached the point of being the Lord of the Necropolis, you can die if you want to die or live if you want to live, that’s impossible!
But the self-destruction of the Lord of the Dead, there is a high probability that he is fighting for resurrection! 西安耍耍论坛
Where is his confidence?
It’s dead, but it’s really dead!
Even if you take away a strong man to bury him, it will be a loss. If you walk out of the heavenly gate, you are truly an invincible strong man!
At this moment, between the heavens and the earth, only the power whistling, some of the 西安夜桑拿论坛 loose repairs who fled before, some of them did not escape, and were directly covered, instantly obliterated!
No matter how many you say!
Casual repair, the strongest is just like that, at this moment, two strong men with more than 32 Dao burst, that force is too strong!
At this time, Su Yu also had a gloomy expression.
Can it be resurrected?
I do not know!
The power of life and d