to the mountain and sea realm.

According to the uncle’s words, the mountain and the sea will reunite again.
Poshan Niu’s essence and blood have not been used up yet, Su Yu is thinking at this moment, whether to open the second acupuncture point in Time, or 西安耍耍论坛 to open other acupuncture points?
For example, “Jing Yuan Jue”, so as not to wash the acupoints with Mingguang bird essence and blood every time.
“Time is the second most important thing. After I learned it, I may not be able to use it. It is better to open the “Jing Yuan Jue” acupuncture points first, so as not to use the essence and blood every time, and there is not much resuscitation.” It
is also a practice method for 36 acupoints. , The degree of coincidence is very high.
Need to open 12 more acupuncture points.
Once successfully opened, Su Yu will be able to open 180 acupoints.
Su Yu also discovered that the more resuscitation, the higher the degree of coincidence, the smaller the number of subsequent reopening of the exercises, such as “Jing Yuan Jue”, now only 12 resuscitation is needed, which is a full 24. One is coincident.
西安品茶网A thought came up in my mind again, how many acupuncture points need to be opened in the human body?
If they are all turned on, will the acupoints be unified in the end?
Just when Su Yu was practicing.
Time passed a little bit.
Sub-city area, Daxia Mansion No. 18 Middle School, Houshan.
A lonely tomb, standing at the foot of the mountain, looks a bit desolate and lonely.
At the grave, Liu Wenyan didn’t feel too much sadness, just a little disheartened.
Zhang Ruoling, back then, clamored to step on the mountains and seas, break the sun and the moon, and set foot on the invincible proud generation.
Now, with the strength of nourishment, he was buried here. If it weren’t for Zhou Mingren who said he was going to dig a grave this time, how many people still remember him?
“Ruoling take a good rest!” With a
sigh of emotion, he spilled 西安夜网论坛 a glass of dirty wine. Nine years ago, I couldn’t come