that the three-star scene without doors is likely to be the predecessor of the psychic ghost school.

Chapter 867 The red dress smells!
Ying Hong revealed a lot of information to Chen Ge and verified some of his guesses. , These thirteen forbidden areas should be the last secrets in the
ghost school . “There are several scenes in the psychic ghost school that coincide with the West City Private College, which indirectly proves my previous speculation that there are no ghosts in those forbidden areas. Because they have left with Zhang Ya. “Chen Ge’s brain is running fast.
“Just now Ying Hong said that 西安夜网论坛 a certain room in the deepest part of the boys’ apartment emits a foul smell. That room should be the place where the staff of my haunted house once lived. The room is locked with a father’s corpse and a stinking heart. This description is also a little bit Meaning, isn’t the stench around me incomplete? He locked his heart with his father’s corpse?”
Only red can have a “heart” of his own. Ying Hong’s words caught Chen Ge’s attention. .
In Chen Ge’s impression, although Xicheng Private College is a three-star scene, the reason why that scene was rated as three-star is entirely because of Zhang Ya.
“It seems that I underestimated this scene.” Chen Ge remembered the scene when he was fighting with those out-of-school gangsters in the warehouse area. Those gangsters exuded a pungent fishy smell. Other ghosts could not avoid it, 西安足浴spa only the stench was very happy. “It’s no wonder that he is like a fish in this ghost school. In the past in Huo Coffin Village and Liwan Town, other ghosts have been promoted by eating, but he is the exception.”
Chen Ge expects the stench to bring him more surprises, boys The apartment is forbidden to others, but to him it is like visiting an employee’s home.
“Ghost correction is constantly changing, and nights have many dreams. If the smelly heart is really locked in the depths of the dormitory, then I will help him find it back, but the premise is that