y understand! If you don’t understand, then you will lose more money!”

Zhou Ji smiled;西安洗浴网 “If the curse is dead, won’t the Great Sage Jitian take it seriously? Look, at this moment, Do you dare to despise Su Yu?”
Or, at this moment, does anyone dare to despise that person?
Among those present, one counts as one. Who dares to say that he is worthy of cursing these people?
Su Yu can kill those people as well as those present!
Someone faintly smiled and said: “Zhou Ji, we are even more curious, how can he progress so quickly? It hasn’t been long since you entered, from less than 16 Dao, to now able to kill the Lord of the Forbidden Land, how did he do it?
” How did you do it?”
Zhou Ji smiled: “He who opens up the sky, swallows ten thousand ways, has luck like a rainbow, the proud man of the times, dares to take risks, is ruthless, and is a lunatic enough to be enough? He almost possesses the end of an era. All the characteristics 西安夜网论坛 of the rising cultivator! Is this enough?”
The dark mask cultivator above did not want to hear this, and directly said: “Zhou Ji, you know him, how do you think you can deal with him? If he really enters the gate, how should he respond?”
“How to respond?”
Zhou Ji He whispered softly: “The only way to deal with him is to gather all the strong inside the gate and give him a thunderous blow while he is not yet invincible! Directly kill! Don’t think that I can’t help, you can help. Don’t think about it, wait, someone will naturally deal with him. Don’t even think about it, the three doors are about to open, why fight with him to the end, maybe a few months, maybe a few years, the three doors will open, why should we Fight with him at this moment?”
Zhou Ji smiled lightly: “If you have such an idea, you can only say, wait for it!”
Back then, the cultivators of the ten thousand realms had this mentality, so the ten thousand realms were over.
Tianmen repairers also have this mentality, so the Tianmen is over.
When Su Yu entered the gate of the earth,