path in this last game, choosing a battle that has never been selected by any country before-the battle of blind selection!

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Chapter 1269 of the text must be Wei En!
Yu Luosheng turned his eyes to his teammates.
In fact, his decision is also a good idea.
“You decide, we believe in you.” Qianmeng had no opinion on this.
Zhao Tinghua also nodded.
Blind election is blind election, and Zhao Tinghua has nothing to fear!
Li Tuchuan thought for a while, and finally nodded and said: “Blind election is blind election. The rules are completely disrupted. Everything depends on strength.”
“Question, what if the US team disagrees? “Daluo said.
The blind selection mode requires mutual consent before it can be turned on.
“Don’t worry, if they are afraid at this time, it will be equal to losing our first level at the beginning. I don’t believe that facing an equally fair competition, facing the provocation of our blind election, they will not face it!” Li Tuchuan said.
There is nothing wrong with Yu Luosheng’s approach.
Rather than being led by the enemy, it is better to preemptively and do a big reshuffle.
This is like the hidden card bidding in the gambling equipment, what psychological warfare, what-poker, what gambling technique, all nonsense, I don’t look at the cards at all to gamble with you!
Imposing, this is imposing!
Yu Luosheng’s choice made everyone feel the fearlessness of Yu Luosheng. This is exactly what they want to see
Oshika has been confirmed by the Chinese side, so the game progress was temporarily suspended, personally Go to the side of the US team for consultation.
The commentators from various countries are very puzzled. I don’t know why there was a small timeout in