nly bring one wave at most and you must follow the group immediately. Once you are caught in a neutral position, you will not only spit out the advantage you just established. Maybe even GG directly!

The reason why he has only spoken softly now is very simple, he has no intention of throwing his skills on Shen’s body, something rough and thick.
In order to ensure the success of the assassination, he went out first before endless.
This endless is also very competitive, given a few critical strikes, coupled with the magic cut effect, it can be regarded as smoothly killing the clockwork.
After the purple party woke up, there were no buffs. They had calculated the time of Xiaolong, and quickly moved towards Xiaolong, planning to make up for a little economy when Yu Luosheng returned to the city.
Yu Luosheng glanced at Zyra’s location.
Zyra had raised 400 and walked towards the position of the big dragon.
Zyra did not see any eye positions along the way, including the position of the big dragon, nor an enemy eye.
The opponent’s support didn’t even go to the position of the dragon to fill his eyes at the first time of resurrection?
Yu Luosheng’s inspiration flashed, and he hurriedly controlled Ezreal to run towards the position of the dragon, and typed to tell his teammates: “Steal the dragon, Zyra, the prince seduce them in the middle, we three big The dragon stole it!” When
Yu Luosheng typed this line, the people in the purple side were daring to the position of the dragon, preparing to slaughter the dragon.
The teammates are all masters. Naturally, as long as the enemy’s reaction is a little bit slower, with the help of this distance difference between the big dragon and the little dragon, the big dragon can be taken down!
The teammates were very cooperative. Zyra and the prince walked towards the dragon’s position, pretending to prevent them from taking the dragon while waiting for their teammates’ support.
In fact, teammates will not come to support at all. What they do is to give the ene