ing picked up from his schoolbag.

“Hmph, I don’t dare to join the battle anymore. I thought that your eighth squad had progressed, and you were lucky to win a round, and then you started to do the tortoise?” Lin Xu began to mock.
Wang Qin became displeased after hearing this, and said loudly, “Who do you think is a tortoise with a shrunken head?”
“No? Then another round! You choose the time and place!” Lin Xu said.
“Come on, I’ll torture you to death!” Wang Qin felt that he was upset the last time he was tortured, so he could only torture a few more times, “Luo Sheng, don’t you think?”
“You fight it yourself, I don’t play anyway” Yu Luosheng said directly.
“Damn, do you want this?” Wang Qin was stunned.
Yu Luosheng didn’t talk nonsense, just occasionally playing such boring games, and playing endlessly like this, it didn’t mean anything at all.
Lin Xu looked at Yu Luosheng, who was leaving quickly, a flash of anger suddenly flashed in his eyes!
He finally got Mi Ge to take action, just to torture this guy, but he didn’t fight anymore. How did this make him feel bad?
Yu Luosheng ignored these two people, and soon disappeared from the crowd after school.
His pace was fast, he looked like he was about to throw away Wang Qin, but he looked like he was chasing someone.
“Hey, it’s such a coincidence.” Yu Luosheng grinned and said to the girl passing by with a sunny face.
“What a coincidence, I watched you chasing you all the way!” Yang Qianqian gave Yu Luosheng angrily.
Yu Luosheng smiled awkwardly, his intention was actually noticed.
When Wang Qin and Lin Xu were fighting just now, Yu Luosheng saw Yang Qianqian.
Usually Yang Qianqian has other female companions around her. It is rare for her to be alone. How could this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity be missed, so Yu Luosheng decisively ignored the two guys and hurriedly chased her.
There are actually many boys beside Yang Qianqian deliberately walking beside her, and they are probably thinking about how to talk to this beautiful woman.