world. If this continues, we probably have no hope of winning in the Olympic finals.” Wu Sen said dejectedly. .

The reason why the Chinese national team can win the world championship from South Korea in the S-League does not mean that China’s domestic LOL level is the highest. South Korea’s e-sports development is more complete. Their top players are distributed in different clubs, just like the S-League. Above, both the Stg team and the Bok team have excellent players. Together with the BOSS-level Vic team, the combat power really far exceeds that of other countries after being integrated.
Although the domestic integration has also been carried out, it can be understood by looking at the staffing. The top laner Luo, the jungler Zhou Yan, the auxiliary Yu Luosheng, and ADC Lin Dong are basically the prototype of the Lm team, and their strength is somewhat different. Enhancement has not directly reached the most complete and top-notch in various positions like South Korea and the United States.
According to everyone’s perception, South Korea’s top laner should be a weak underbelly, and they don’t have very good top laners in China.
With the improvement of Ronaldo’s strength, everyone felt that Ronaldo could be a breakthrough in the Olympics, and there was a glimmer of hope of winning. However, after this Tai Chi, everyone found that South Korea’s top laner had changed and replaced it with one. The guy named Ostrich is far superior to the top laner before them.
Everyone is also afraid now, wouldn’t it be a hidden master like Xuanwu that has been dug out? If that is the case, the Korean Hell Army will be completely invulnerable.
Zhang Aijing is already trying his best to find the information about the Korean top order named Ostrich, but unfortunately, there is no information everywhere. The Korean side is also cunning, and there is always a stronger top order hidden in it, but it has never been exposed. It was not until the Olympic finals slowly approached that they let their secrets come out to