uo immediately retreated to a safe area and restored his blood volume to a higher point.

“You can hit a wave, rush, brothers!!!” Daluo
saw that his blood volume had risen sharply, and immediately made a comeback. The target was the opponent’s high-land defense tower.
Chapter 1241 of the main text hit Huanglong!
After Daluo’s blood volume recovered, he decisively carried forward.
This is the case with war weapon beasts. What defensive turrets and high-land organ defense towers can’t shake this thick skin!
In front of Da Luoding, King Yama immediately stood forward. As a mid laner AP, this card position was enough to allow the enemy to retreat. At this moment, it was necessary to drive the enemy away, otherwise the defensive tower could not be pulled out.
“I will continue to trouble Adams, and you will demolish it!” Zhao Tinghua said.
I had already lost it once, which made Zhao Tinghua feel a bit resentful. This time he will not let Adams have a chance to attack again!
Qianmeng’s big move caused the morale of the Chinese national team to rise from the bottom of the valley to a high level, and the tide generally poured into the enemy’s high ground.
Qinglong and Zeus retreated from the current affairs, and did not dare to continue to stay.
“Okay, the Highland Tower has been taken!!” As if
the banner of the revolution had fallen to an important base area, the highland’s take down immediately caused a burst of cheers among the domestic players!
The US team, like the South Korean team, has basically no one seen their Crystal Barracks since the Olympic Games, but this time it was taken by the Chinese team. Who else would dare to make irresponsible remarks about Chinese e-sports? ? ?
“There are less than 3 minutes left, push, you must continue to push!” Li Tuchuan glanced at the time, and a heavy stone was added to his heart a little bit of joy.
Three minutes, this is probably not enough for them to organize another attack.
In other words, this is their only chance to defeat the American te