fifth day.

The giant crystal clusters are still pouring in like a tide, the monsters from the Plain of the Holy Spirit seem to be constantly flowing, and 西安耍耍网 the power of human beings is on the verge of a limit.
Arcane energy converges into rounds of lightning storms, and the destructive power continues to lick the shaky energy barrier of Saint Sunil’s Great Shield, an extremely disturbing low and low scream throughout the Great Shield. The inside reverberated, as if the roars of thousands of people, and as if the depths of the earth were not breaking a gap leading to the abyss—the barrier that was once intact was actually riddled with holes at this moment, large areas of fragmented noise The spots cover the sky above the city, and those noisy spots and the screams filled inside the shield all remind the guards of the city that the shield is about to collapse.
Excessive magical power accumulates over the plain and has begun to affect the celestial phenomenon. It should be summer, but 西安夜网论坛 the whole city was swept by a gloomy gust of wind. The King Anzu flag with a blue background and gold rim was hunting in the air on the wall, welcoming you. Dancing wildly in the wind, and under the king’s flag, scarred and exhausted knights and soldiers are trapped beside the trebuchet and large ballista, behind the wall, staring below with numb tenacity. Of the plains.
The stone bullets and giant crossbow arrows used to defend the city are still piled up on the walls, but less than one-third of the ballistas and catapults are still fighting-because the mages who apply magic effects on the ammunition have exhausted their mana.
Mana is more easily exhausted than physical strength, and it is also a factor that is more susceptible to environmental influences. The mage must be in a relatively stable environment to recover power quickly, but at this moment the entire city of Saint Sunil is covered by a passive magic field. Therefore, the human spirit is not a machine after all, and it is impossible to meditate smoot