, and the old lady hurriedly said, “You must be careful, young man. My Maomao has a bad temper. If strangers touch him, he will bite.”

“Good aunt, I will pay attention.”
Jiang Hao said, stretched out. When I went out to hug Teddy, that Teddy was very honest, Jiang Hao didn’t resist, and honestly let Jiang Hao hug him.
After the whole bathing process, Teddy didn’t make any noise or trouble and cooperated obediently. The old lady was amazed, saying that she had never seen her dog be so obedient.
“Auntie, I have studied professional pet domestication, so they will 西安耍耍论坛 become more obedient in my hands. In fact, you can also do it. If you want your pet to be more obedient and more sensible, you can even understand some of your ideas. Command, I can help you train.” Jiang Hao said while bathing the dog.
“How much can you train? Isn’t it tired? Isn’t it the method of physical punishment?” the old lady asked.
“Of course not. Pets are the owner’s children. How can we use physical punishment? We have a professional practice method.”
“After training, your pet will not bite people, lose temper, and will be even worse. Sensible, such as going to the bathroom to pee, etc. You instruct him to sit down, get down, come over, and go back to sleep by himself.”
“Oh, how good is it? I’ve seen it on TV before to be so obedient. Dogs, training is expensive or not.” The old lady said.
“It depends on how far you want to 西安桑拿按摩网 train. If it’s just a generalized password feedback, one thousand two, the more you learn, the more expensive you learn. If you want to reach the level of a guide dog, it will cost tens of thousands of yuan. “Jiang Hao said.
The old lady nodded, “I’ll go back and think about it.”
“No problem, auntie, auntie can add me a WeChat account, if your dog has any questions, you can ask me at any time, if you become disobedient in the future, you can come over anytime Receive training.” Jiang Hao said with a smile.
After taking a shower and blowing air, Teddy became more beautiful. The old lady was