Under this blow, the face of the Eastern Heavenly King changed drastically!

And Lan Shanhou did not expect that this person’s main seal would explode with a blow at this moment!
The next moment, thinking of something, he roared: “Kill out, the host is waiting for us in the town spirit domain! Kill the Eastern Kingdom 西安夜桑拿论坛 and see the host!”
“See the host!” The
remaining soldiers yelled, Lan The human seal on Shanhou erupted once, much sadly, and fell on Lanshanhou, but it also blocked the power of the rule. Lanshanhou took advantage of the momentum, 西安足浴spa and killed the Hou who was in the way with a sword, and brought people with him. , Madly kill towards the town spirit realm!
At the rear, the face of the Eastern Heavenly King was unsteady!
Lord of Terran?
damn it!
It is no wonder that Lanshan Hou rebelled at this moment. He turned out to be the lord of the human race. He arrived in the realm of the dead today and called Lanshan Hou!
The power of the seal of the lord and luck is not weak!
He actually blocked his necromantic seal!
“Don’t let one go!”
Dong Tian Wang yelled coldly. In all directions, more dead spirits chased and killed them at Lanshanhou!
Along the way, bloody battles continued!
A large number of human dead spirits died in battle, but they escorted Lanshan Hou all the way to kill!
Around, there is a respectable general, and someone keeps leaving behind! 西安品茶网
Gradually, there are fewer and fewer people!
Soon, there were few strong players left.
Yusheng smashed a strong man to death with an axe, panting violently, and laughed: “My lord, the end will not work! If there is an afterlife, I would like to fight for the adults, and fight for the human race, I am afraid that there is no afterlife!” The
words fell and turned around. Kill those dead souls who are chasing after him!
With all his life’s strength, Yusheng hacked out an axe and roared: “Kill out, see the lord, the human race, and level the heavens!”
There is a loud noise!