he gunners and now holds five people in check, everyone on the defending side is exhausted, and everyone’s aura is exhausted. Only Baiji and the Immortal Killer are left. Waiting for a few people are still struggling to support.

They are also at the end of the battle, but the assassins still have a lot of guns and spare power!
At this moment, the barrier outside the Lampeluji sisters suddenly withdrew, and Karen bounced off the chair.
Yu Fei was stunned, and the assassins who were always paying attention to Karen were also taken aback. Even Ren Suo did not react, but his body was very honest-he swooped and hugged both Karen and Yu Fei at the same 西安足浴spa time. Then he rushed directly to the ground, hiding in the blind spot blocked by the ice wall, only then did the bullets belatedly fired to their position just now!
Everyone was so frightened that Yu Fei hurriedly got up and hugged Karen, but Karen broke free from her embrace and said crisply,
“Thank you brothers and sisters (English)!”
As her childish voice fell, more than a dozen times. The sacred golden light emerged from the void, fell on the people and turned into embellishments. The blessed people immediately felt that the spiritual energy consumed by the cyclone in the body quickly recovered, and even the body seemed to become lighter, faster and stronger!
But after casting the spell, Karen almost fell straight down. Fortunately, Yuphy hugged her quickly.
Among them, the fairy palace killer received the most brilliant and strong 西安桑拿按摩网 golden light. He raised his head and held the stolen short knife flat in front of his chest, and solemnly said:
“Let the glory fall on the blade!” With
a scream, the fairy palace killer has a body shape. Flash, like a ghost, rushed out to kill the assassin. The combatants who had recovered their physical strength and cyclone also cheered up and used various long-range attack methods to suppress the assassins.
The assassins knew that they were not good, and no longer had any scruples. All the large-scale