the loyalty of a group of Chinese businessmen with a tacit attitude.

Isn’t this what he did?
“Polite” in his mouth is really just being polite. If the Chinese businessmen underneath don’t know how to bear gratitude, hehe, then Sir Zhuang will be rude to them.
Fortunately, everyone knows what is meant by “clear accounts” when they come out.
This is not from the perspective of “graciousness”.
As long as Mr. Zhuang does not lose his force, they will need to pay the bills when it is time for them to pay the bills. People who are not sensible will probably not be the “big bosses.”
In Stanley Prison, Tian Yangsheng stood in the detention room with his head low.
“0732, this is your warehouse!”
“That’s your bed.”
A guard pointed to the bed, another guard took out the key, removed the handcuffs, and looked at him with contempt: Long… for a lifetime!”
“No matter how fierce you are outside! When you come in Stanley, you must abide by the rules of Stanley. End your sentence”
“But you can’t go out standing, you can only go out sideways.” 西安夜桑拿网 The guard patted him on the shoulder and winked at the guy next to him.
Another guy pointed at other criminals with a truncheon and loudly advised these criminals not to bully the newcomers. Everyone gets along well and strives to one day commute their sentence and get out of jail.
Afterwards, the two clanged, closed the iron door, and left the prison with the key.
I saw a prison guard holding the key, and two prison guards came to the end of the corridor, stood at the door, leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette, smoking and chatting with a smile on their faces.
“There is a good show!”
They all know the welcome ceremony in Stanley! Also understand the background and origin of Tianyangsheng!
However, the prison guards did not have the ability to ventilate and maintain health with anyone…
This wave of them simply 西安夜网论坛 wanted to watch a good show.
In the prison, five prisoners with muscles and sturdy eyes stood up and looked at “T