nd lead everyone to work together.” Wow, Yan Guoliang led the members of Group A and stood in line in the office to welcome and applaud vigorously.

Huo Qilin’s expression was a little uncomfortable, and the members of Group A also behaved suspiciously and hesitantly. Obviously, they were a little afraid and distrustful of this famous new officer.
Ten o’clock in the morning.
Children’s orphanage.
As the founder of the charity fund and the big boss of the children’s orphanage, Zhuang Shikai was invited to visit and speak at the orphanage on the first anniversary of its establishment.
Surprisingly, the incoming Stanley Supervisor, Chief Chen, is also very keen on charity and took the initiative to call Inspector Zhuang to express his desire to visit the chat room in the orphanage.
Naturally, Zhuang Shikai would not refuse, and brought Chief Chen to the welfare home in Kowloon.
The two had just finished speaking and were chatting and smoking cigars 西安品茶网 under an apple tree by the lawn. The teachers and faculty members of the orphanage are organizing the children to take pictures, and plan to keep a memorial for today.
198 Prison Situation 2
Zhuang Shikai accompanied Supervisor Chen around the orphanage. He probably knew the purpose of Supervisor Chen’s visit to the orphanage.
First of all, Supervisor Chen is very enthusiastic about the children in the orphanage. He is not just a catwalk. It seems that he really likes children and wants to do something for charity.
Secondly, Supervisor Chen wanted to have a relationship with him before taking office and maintain a good relationship between the prison and the police force.
After all, prisons are not the same as the ICAC. The ICAC is a hostile relationship, and it relies on attacking the other party to perform meritorious service.
The prison system and the police have a brotherly relationship. They don’t cooperate well and their work cannot be carried out.
However, Supervisor Chen is very clever, 西安洗浴网 knowing that he is