he headquarters building is located on Island Road, Sheung Wan, the most prosperous Central District. It has a total of six floors and only has four departments: administrative headquarters, operations headquarters, criminal headquarters, and transportation headquarters.

Responsible for all administrative, operational, criminal, and traffic incidents of the 12 district police stations under the Hong Kong Island Region.
Twelve police chiefs in Hong Kong Island Region.
Report to Sir Zhuang in a unified manner!
The relevant case information has been carefully screened, and only difficult enough and major cases will be submitted to the General Region and placed on Sir Zhuang’s desk.
The other administrative and operational affairs are the same.
The entire Hong Kong Island district is safe and turbulent. 西安耍耍网
It only depends on Mr. Zhuang’s word!
As for the office, it was about the same size as the Wan Chai office. Mr. Chuang simply moved all the items and furnishings in the Wan Chai Director’s Office to the Hong Kong Island headquarters. Even the Wan Chai Director’s Secretary moved in.
However, now “Yazi” is no longer a small sheriff, but has followed Zhuang Sir to become an inspector-level madam, interpreting the four words of rising tide to the extreme.
“Papa.” Zhuang Shikai opened the glass door and walked into the office. He sat down on a familiar chair, put his two long legs on the tabletop, and stretched his waist with two leather shoes together.
Well, the cushion is moderately soft and fits perfectly to the curve. The old guy’s style is really comfortable…just a patina.
“Ha…” Sir Zhuang sighed and exhaled.
Just experienced a 西安桑拿夜网 verbal battle in the conference room of the General Administration.
Of course you have to relax.
“Da da da.” Meazi tapped the glass door twice, walked into the office with a tray, squatted gently, and put the cup on the table: “Zhuang Sir, coffee.”
She knew that Zhuang Shikai came back and used to drink a cup. Coffee relieves fatigue.
She will