an gate is a bad person, an enemy, and a person who destroys the world. You must know that the human gate is based on them. The saying is actually sealed by the Lord of Time, and so is the gate of the earth, so the gate of the earth and the gate of the human, logically speaking, are actually in the same group. Do you understand what I mean?”

Su Yu suddenly moved and looked at the blue sky.
Lantian smiled and said: “The enemy’s enemy is a friend! If I am the gate of the earth, I will be sealed by the Lord of Time. I wish to unseal the gate of the person and let the door go to the Lord of Time for trouble, and I will help everyone deal with it together. Human door?”
Su Yu said solemnly: “Yes, that’s the truth! Of course, the strength of the dreaded sect of the earth sect wants to kill us and make ourselves stronger!”
Killing Su Yu and the others does not conflict with the position of the sect of the earth sect.
Lantian continued: “Let’s suppose that there are two, one is the spirit of heaven 西安耍耍论坛 and earth, and the other 西安品茶网 is the door of man! The door of man actually wants to break the seal, and the spirit of heaven and earth does not allow him to break the seal. Because the spirit of heaven and earth needs a long river to exist!”
“Suppose, these two have been fighting and entangled with each other!”
“And now, these two need to use external forces, one wants people to destroy the way of the world, and the other does not want to destroy the world. “Jie Zhi Dao”
Lan Lan looked at Su Yu: “From your perspective, who should you help?”
Su Yu thought for a while, ” Get it all out!”
Lan Lan suddenly felt weak and speechless. I’ll go, I’ll pay. I thought you would choose to help the Spirit of Heaven and Earth, but you gave me such a sentence, you are really a little genius!
Lantian smiled bitterly: “Why do you want to kill?”
“It’s 西安夜桑拿网 not a good thing!”
Su Yu said indifferently: “Now the situation is very complicated. If we inferred to be true, the situation is beyond imagination! Even between T