g anymore, he has had too little experience compared to him.

Su Yu snorted!
I didn’t say any more, yes, Yun Hao was so bitter.
He looked up at the sky, saw a lot of invincibles, and curled his mouth and said: “Old Hao, believe it or not, these invincibles, wait outside, and will not dare to kill Modona later, even if they kill, the demons won’t agree! It’s good to have a backing, kill the immortal clan in the
dark, nothing farts !”
“Your mouth, stop it!” Lao Hao was helpless, and Yun Hao couldn’t relax with his mouth.
Invincible, you dare to slander?
Really want to die?
Su Yu no longer said anything, and muttered: “Hetu is going to kill each other, and the seven layers are fighting each other, and they are uneasy! More and more people are dying. The sun and the moon continue to crash in the past two days. I think the sun and the 西安夜生活论坛 moon are dead. Less! If this
keeps going on, will the mountains and seas of us still live?” “One by one, I didn’t take our lives to heart!”
Su Yu spit out a few words, “The gods of our Protoss, don’t say anything . Good thing, we came here in vain, so we had to take the risk to pick up some treasures”
Lao Hao interrupted him again, almost done. If this continues, he doesn’t want to be with Yun Hao anymore, it’s too easy to get into trouble.
Su Yu muttered a few words, but didn’t say any more this time.
He looked up at the sky, and asked: “When can the seal be unlocked?”
“Come on, this is different from the outside, it can be unlocked in one day!”
“It will take a while.”
Su Yu suddenly walked into the depths of the mansion. Look, whispered: “Lao Hao, how about going to see the Nine-leaf Tianlian? Even if you can’t touch it, it’s good to smell it, maybe you can get promoted
if you smell it!” “You dream!”
Lao Hao smiled: “You There’s no way to get close. Now there may be invincibles on the other side.”
“Look at it and it’s okay!”
Su Yu said disapprovingly: “We can’t get 西安桑拿按摩网 it again. I feel that there are no good things in other