the king has, in fact, many people have it, a long time ago, some people said that he is a combination of the king and the emperor.

At this moment, when Wang finished talking about the business, he couldn’t help but ridicule: “Your ancestor, has nothing to do with my elder brother?”
He knows Su Yu’s bloodline, 西安品茶网 which has a vague bloodline, but it is just a joke, which is very interesting. .
Su Yu 西安夜桑拿论坛 smiled: “If there is a queen, which woman am I thinking about with the emperor?”
He looked at the king with a profound meaning.
And Wang, his face changed slightly, and he looked at Wang Wu suddenly.
King Wu was at a loss first, then his face changed wildly!
“Taishan!” With
a low drink, King Wu shook, and hurriedly defended: “I didn’t, don’t talk nonsense, really, I didn’t give those to Su Yu”
Good guy, don’t confess!
Wang wanted to vomit blood, really wanted to slap King Wu to death, gritted his teeth: “You wait!”
Damn, you must have given some of the videos you made that year to Su Yu, you bastard, you betrayed me!
I asked for it many times but didn’t get it. You actually gave it to Su Yu?
Are you still human?
You 西安耍耍论坛 betrayed our feelings!
Wang Wu looked helpless, looked at Su Yu, Su Yu shrugged: “I didn’t say anything!”
Wu Wang wanted to cry without tears!
You look at your second child that way, how smart he is, can’t you guess it?
But at this moment, laughter rang out, and he giggled: “Brother, I haven’t watched it yet. I also want to see if your dress looks good?”
Wang grunted and Su Yu teased Said: “That’s actually boring, I took a better look last time, I went, it was amazing!”
“Can I take a look?”
“Su Yu, you let it go and take a look?”
At the moment, Even King Wu came to be interested and hurriedly probed to ask.
Wang glanced hard at Su Yu and quickly changed the subject: “Ayu, did you succeed?”
“Of course, a small problem!”
Yu smiled: “It’s all here, it’s definitely a success, but it just disappointed everyone. with