se exercises to exchange for King Da Xia to accept me as a disciple?”

“Yes, King Da Xia must be willing! ”
Su Yu laughed:”! senior sister apprentice, is not necessary, change the reputation of hard law apprentice dim, but people looked low ”
Ng frustrated and said:” you can be very talented, ah, you said that the master has been very talent Okay, you are in the Polytheum Department and have been bullied by people. It’s better to find an invincible and leave the Polytheum Department. I wanted to leave for a long time, your senior sister, 西安夜桑拿论坛 but unfortunately I can’t bear the Master, otherwise I won’t join the Polytheum Department. One line!”
Chen Yong smiled bitterly: “You girl, your master, I’m still here!”
Wu Jia complained: “Master, I’m talking about it here! Junior brother is so powerful, here we are being suppressed every day. , Instead of not in the polytheistic literature, he has long been a treasure confession!”
Chen Yong was speechless, a little helpless.
Su Yu smiled and said, “Sister, it’s great to have more divine writings! There are few people and no one is robbing us for resources. If something happens, someone will give us a head start, because there are not many descendants of Master and Master. It’s not good if you don’t give us a head start! You see that the single divine writing system is miserable. There are so many people. If you kill a few casually, their teachers have to consider the consequences and consider whether it is worthwhile. After all, there are many people, and even a few deaths. It doesn’t matter.”
” That’s right!”
Wu Jia thought for a while, nodded, but forgot about the exercises.
Su 西安桑拿夜网 Yu had a headache and didn’t say anything anymore. He handed a jade talisman to Chen Yong. Chen Yong took the jade talisman, glanced at Su Yu, sighed, and said nothing.
Su Yu didn’t say much about this, and then said: “Uncle Zhou, is Zhou Pingsheng still the deputy curator now?”
“I heard before that his student Zhai Feng is talking nonsense with Uncle U