illing to come and visit, this place is really good.

Wu Qi should have left when he came last time, Wu Lan didn’t know the situation, Su Yu still knew.
At the 西安耍耍论坛 moment Wu Lan mentioned it, Su Yugan smiled and said, “Probably the same name and surname!”
There is only one name and no specific information, so I won’t tell you.
Lest you feel inferior!
Your sister has reached the 49th floor, can you go to the 19th floor?
Wu Lan nodded, taking it seriously, too, her sister has only entered Lingyun and is still on the battlefield of the heavens, and she doesn’t have time to come.
Here, I can’t walk to the 49th floor.
Chapter 285 Kaguan (seeking monthly ticket)
Standing in front of Baidao Pavilion, Su Yu looked at those lists for a while.
Quickly asked: “You can bring your own beast tame in, right?”
“Yes, but you have to add to the mount space to be your own beast.”
Zhu Hongliang replied, and Su Yu nodded slightly, then Well, that’s right, without guarding the beast, the strength of the beast taming element is greatly reduced, which does not conform to the tenet of all kinds of skills.
He has a god of beasts, the word “beast” god.
However, it was still a Tier 1 and couldn’t bring a flying monster.
Su Yu just asked, it didn’t matter too 西安足浴spa much. He was going to bring Xiao Maoqi in, and Xiao Maoqi could be raised in the sea of ??will, not a beast, but a god.
Raised in the sea of ??will, Su Yu is not afraid of it. The little guy can’t make a fuss. If you don’t behave, the golden album can knock it out in an instant.
Taking a breath, Su Yu didn’t say much, and walked towards the entrance.
Zhu Hongliang hurriedly followed, and curiously asked: “How many floors can you reach? Also, if the number of floors is not high, there will be too many people. Up to 100 names will be displayed. You are faster. This is ranked according to the clearance time. , Your time is not fast, even if you pass the level, you may not be able to show your name.”
Su Yu smiled, not too concerned.