e camera and participate in blood-spraying games like other young people. The middle-aged man named “Piru” talked.

This is true on the bus and on the beach.
These actions, obviously, completely failed Giselle’s plan.
When Tang Qi left with satisfaction, he naturally reaped from Giselle, a fierce gaze with resentment, and a curse: “A guy destined to be alone for a lifetime!”
Chapter 446 Namba
Belt With the “blessing” from the hot girl Giselle, Tang Qi got on an open-top bus after leaving the beach area.
That’s right, the buses here are all open tops, which are convenient for tourists to watch the beaches, beautiful bodies, and prosperous metropolises. Tourism is one of the pillar industries here.
Tang Qi felt a bit of bitter sea breeze blowing, and analyzed the content of the previous interview in his mind.
“According to Piru, Chituga is a large tribe with an extremely long history. It is an indigenous overlord in the northern part of the Amazon jungle. The wizards and leaders in the tribe all claim that their blood origin is the super who ruled the primitive continent. Empire, ancient Maya.”
“Some archaeological evidence supports this, but there are also some chiefs who belong to Chituga but different branches think that is not the case. They should be the descendants of the primitive tribes that opposed the ancient Maya empire. ”
It is difficult to verify the truth of history. The current Chituga tribe, because it is close to the Condor Federation, has been influenced by the atmosphere of modern society. Compared with other overlords in the Great Jungle, Chituga is more open and advanced. . ” ”
Although at an early stage, Qi Tujia have hunted those roads into the jungle trying to open up commerce merchants, and made some kind of original food. but the influence of between ten years, completely changed them, Qi Tujia The upper-level leaders of the tribe even began to discuss completely breaking away from the original fishing, hunting, and gathering lifestyle, and using the tribe as a base to