ndidate for the sage.”

“Sage candidate?”
These four words made Tang Qi frown immediately. He didn’t remember what sage selection he had participated in?
He collects the Ship of Fools, just searching for secrets.
The laughing clown easily understood Tang Qi’s thoughts, and immediately said:
“Yes, this is an invisible rule.”
“Anything that exists, the better a mortal, the better is an extraordinary life, or a god, as long as you can own two fools. Ship, then it means that he has received the recognition of the’sage’s will’.”
“From the moment he got the second ship of fools, he was the sage candidate.”
Tang Qi heard the words, still silent.
He had a feeling that the clown seemed to come with a mission, or mission.
Answer questions for him?
The next moment, this guess was confirmed.
Even if Tang Qi did not continue to ask questions, the clown still spoke at an unhurried speed:
“The will of the sage is the collective will of all the sages, including the’first prophet’, and is beyond the will of almost all concepts in the boundless mystery. Even those terrifying supreme divinities cannot interfere with the will of the sage.”
“The candidate of the sage means that you are likely to be a sage, with the same aspirations as those great beings.”
“Of course. , Whether you can join it in the end is unknown for the time being.” It
sounds like the clown leaked little information, but Tang Qi still extracted a few keywords from it.
“Initially the creator of the first prophet’s ship of fools? Existence older than Tum?”
“The sages are a powerful group of sages, and the supreme divinity can’t help the group, the group of sages?”
“Candidates Join it?” After
a few thoughts, Tang Qi suddenly thought of something.
Without concealing it, he asked directly:
“If I fail, what will happen if I fail to become a true sage?”
For this question, the clown seems to have an answer long ago.
He carried the lamp and crouched down, unaware that his ass, which was like two smooth mirrors, was showing.