ing, the twenty-third chapter of the three-way transaction

“I never thought about becoming a big man.” Vinisa ate the last piece of dessert and licked the spoon before she was willing to speak: “Dreams, hopes, and other things, I never considered that I was in elementary school. That kind of beautiful girl, so I just thought, I have to live a life, marry a rich man in the future, and live a lifetime easily. It was
not until I was eleven years old that my ability was awakened and I began to realize that I was different. ”
The consultant who was at the table with her hadn’t wiped out the fruit tart on the plate, but he still responded to Vinessa with his eyes and hum, saying that he wanted to listen to it.
“When I was a child, I often asked myself, my My parents may hate me” Vinisa continued: “My father looked at me with cold eyes, sometimes with a look of fear. Although he pretended to be the same as other normal parents, I could detect that my mother was weird. , She is like the kind of woman who is on the verge of collapse in horror movies. As I grow up one year old, she is more and more respectful
of things that I didn’t notice when I was very young. It appeared that my parents were not like me. Among them and their parents, there was no one with the same hair color or pupils as me. Even if I was looking for a relative whose facial features were similar to me, I couldn’t even find it. My grandmother used to say something like “Such a beautiful granddaughter was born to my daughter.” The
more I grow up, the more incompatible with my family, not only the appearance, but also the personality. The way my mother looked at me didn’t seem to be looking at her own daughter, but at another woman
when she was fourteen years old, and finally someone told me that I was an adopted child, huh, that’s not really an adopted child at all. The couple who brought me to the age of fourteen brought me up under threats. They have been under the surveillance of the organization, and they have to hide from every