for the regular competition to be on this channel.” Wu Xiaokang smiled and shook his head.

“The sports channel may be the bigger one, but the audit of the sports channel is also very strict. Please wait for the news.” Xia Yingxing said.
The old director had this idea. The problem is that CCTV is CCTV. The old director does not count alone, and he has to agree with CCTV.
Although it was an uncertain news, Yu Luosheng’s heart was still fluctuating violently.
His series of expressions also fell into Yiqin’s eyes.
At first, Yi Qin was still very confused. Yu Luosheng wanted to be famous, otherwise, why would he react so much?
Reminiscent of the words he told himself in the message, he understood how much the so-called CCTV live broadcast meant to him.
With the support and support of hundreds of people across the country, but not a little bit of recognition from their relatives and family members, this is probably the deepest and biggest hole
. Chapter 661 Beauty Care is at the bedside
drowsy and confused, Yu Luosheng I forgot who brought me into the room.
Looking up at the ceiling, the exquisite and delicate patterns are constantly rotating, making people fall into a deep sleep inadvertently.
However, Yu Luosheng felt that he hadn’t closed his eyes, and those delicate patterns were beating constantly, turning into different fragments and then forming a picture deep in his memory.
It is said that after being drunk, it is easy to touch his heart. Yu Luosheng looks at his warm and quarrelsome memories like watching a slideshow, and it takes a long time to tell whether he is asleep or awake.
“I’m asleep, you can take care of him here, those guys are really too, why don’t you say in advance that those who have a high alcohol content and pour the players into this way, I don’t know if they can get up and train tomorrow.” Zhang Aijing complained a little bit. Said.
“Ah? I take care of him?” Yi Qin was stunned, looking at Zhang Aijing very incomprehensibly.
Zhang Aijing glanced at Yiqin contempt