hey meet, then will he use Thresh to complete the new tactical system less in the next season? “Yu Luosheng said.

“What do you mean?” Everyone was at a loss, at least feeling that Yu Luocheng’s words were a little awkward.
“During the LPL, didn’t everyone ban me from VN by default? In fact, I didn’t play VN much in the new season, and I didn’t work out a teamfight system suitable for VN. The reason is simple. I know there is no team after that game. I will be released from VN. Of course, I went to play to help them and then they couldn’t help but say something else.” Yu Luosheng explained.
What is playing TM is psychology!
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Chapter 568 of the main text provocative auxiliary divine power (below)
“Makes sense!!” Lin Dong was the first to respond come!
Yes, when all the teams ban your strong hero, what is the point of practicing and researching tactics for this hero? You have no chance to use it. As a smart support, you will definitely choose not To use
“I’ll let him Thresh, see if he chooses or not!” Yu Luosheng said.
Anyway, you have to lose, and what you put is different. If Thresh is released and An Luoxuan does not choose, it means that he has already practiced other stronger heroes!
Yu Luosheng didn’t believe that An Luoxuan would not show his true skills after watching his own video, and was even so confident that he would use a support that he didn’t intend to take out to participate in the competition, but used a very good B support in the past to fight against him. .
Every master is proud, An Luoxuan has his strengths, and Yu Luosheng is extremely brilliant in his auxiliary hero pool!
He can play with all the supports. Even if he is not a supporting hero, he can also become a trick to win in the competition. As a Korean who is known as the world’s strongest supporting hero, will he show weakness on this point?
Yu Luocheng doesn’t believe it,