to continue to untie the wonderful hair knot, the door of the lounge was knocked.

Glancing at the wall clock on the wall, Tang Qi silently put away the hair knot.
Get up and open the door.
Stanner was naturally standing in front of her, with a trace of fatigue on her face. She raised a few documents in her hand, said hello, and turned to the conference room.
Tang Qi followed, and soon saw the unfolded documents on the conference room table.
Stena’s voice full of mature magnetism sounded at this moment.
“The most urgent cases in the jurisdictions closest to the police station have been screened out.”
“You are a consultant, you decide the order.”
After speaking, she saw Tang Qi nodded, and she started one. An introduction.
“In the first case, the Bronk District, the death rate has increased sharply in recent days. The police station had to send an extra car for collecting corpses. In addition to the usual gangsters and the dead caused by robberies, there are also some strange things. The corpse that was
gnawed seemed to be made by some wild beasts.” The first document is the Bronk District. Tang Qi is not surprised, and it is worthy of being called the Chaos District by the residents of Messer City.
The description of the case sounded familiar, as if it was done by the Bronk Dog Face Man, but Tang Qi was not sure, after all, there were quite a few weirdness similar to the Dog Face Man.
Tang Qi was still thinking, and Stana’s voice continued.
“It’s still in the Bronk District, a small gang that has just emerged. It was killed overnight. The scene was terrible, and it left traces of suspected cult rituals.”
“Bronk District, landlords came to report the incident one after another, saying that it had appeared. A large number of tenants who have disappeared inexplicably, the reason is temporarily unknown.” A
series of three serious cases in Blancone made Stana and the others shook their heads.
Meser, a city with a long history, if this biggest “tumor” is not taken down, I am afraid it will