ril Treasury was doing business with. He just nodded lightly: “Then I’ll wait. But I still have to confirm what’s going on with the Eternal Slate. Sell?”

It is really necessary to find out the price, otherwise it will inevitably be embarrassing when the cowhide is too big and there is no money to buy it, even more embarrassing than Merita’s “quack” just now. Although Gao Wen, who is sitting on the Coffin of the Kingdom, feels that he has a lot of spare money on hand, the value of something like Eternal Slate cannot be measured by money at all. God knows what 西安洗浴网 price the Mithril Treasury will offer?
Merita has adapted to Gawain’s reality at this time. She smiled faintly: “The value of the Eternal Slate cannot be measured with money, and the Mithril Treasury does not need to use it to sell money, so we want something else. It’s best to be rare and exotic treasures, such as ancient relics from the Gondor period. I believe you can take them out. If you don’t want to, you can also use the crystals that you gave to the treasure house for safekeeping. Of course, the best thing is yours. There is another piece of eternal slate fragment, that is the most convenient, we can exchange it directly.”
Gao Wen listened, his heart suddenly moved: the crystals that he gave to the Mithril Treasury at the beginning have the same value as the eternal slab in the eyes of the other party. ?
He believes that Mithril Treasury will not talk casually in this regard. The other party’s ability to identify treasures is known to the world. They never trade at a loss, so do they 西安夜桑拿网 know the origin of those crystals? Or at least know its value?
But Gawain was not sure whether this question could be raised directly to Melita. After careful consideration, he decided to take a little bit as natural as possible: “It seems that in your eyes, those crystals are valuable?
” According to the classification method of the Mithril Treasury, there are three types of treasures except natural products. The first is the treasures