he same time, the ground troops led by Gawain and Philip also advanced from land to the fertile woodland. After assisting the advance team to clear the remaining crystal clusters on the periphery, the ground passage from the southern border to the theater was opened. So far, from the rock From the fortress to Lemberg, the river and ground roads were finally unimpeded, and the supply line was officially established.

Temporary fences connected by precast concrete walls and steel barricades with “Steel Ambassadors” as nodes meandered and connected near the river bank. Fully armed soldiers stared at the north from their sentries, and a large number of reinforced tents and prefabricated 西安桑拿按摩网 houses were neatly arranged. Arranged in the base in an orderly manner. Vehicles transporting materials and personnel are constantly coming in and out of the frontline base, sending weapons, equipment and personnel supplies from the southern border here, and collecting pollution samples and samples collected on the frontline. Some of the rescued refugees are continuously sent to temporary laboratories and refugee camps in the rear, and the place where they enter the project is busy.
The magic car that Gao Wen and Huo rode drove into the base steadily. Through the car window on one side, they saw a half-collapsed castle not far away, which was still smoking. The broken wall of the castle was part of the base wall. Connected together, on the structure of the 西安品茶网 castle that has not yet collapsed, you can see that the towering crystal relay 西安洗浴网 tower has been erected, and the signal gain device is slowly rotating under the drive of the mechanical table, sweeping the gray sky.
The half-collapsed castle is “Rhenburg”. The full name should be Lembel Kerry Castle. It is the direct fief of the royal family in the Holy Spirit Plain. The castle and the entire surrounding fertile woodland were once an important source of income for the Moen family. Although after the “Mist Moon Civil War”, this fortress and surrounding territories were