nder the night, the giant wings agitate the air, and the howling wind passes between the huge bodies, bringing a heart-palpitating dull whistling in the night sky, they silently The stars that have passed the polar night, have crossed the broken barriers and the ruins of the shield generator on the west coast, and flew towards the tower of the inverse tide in the distance.

If placed on the Loren continent before the establishment of the alliance, such a team can completely destroy a small kingdom or any city-state in a short period of time, and can even cause heavy damage to a relatively powerful country like the Ogure 西安足浴spa tribe. But here , In front of the tower of the tide, the powerful dragon also had to converge on its edge, adopting the most cautious attitude and gradually approaching the goal-and it began to slow down when there was still a long distance from the tower.
Since the Rebellion, this is the first time they have approached this tower on their own initiative. Although the “chain” that was originally built in the depths of the soul has been cut off, a certain instinct established over millions of years can still make the strongest The dragons are nervous.
Gawain retracted his gaze into the distance, and looked at the other two figures on Merita’s back besides himself and Amber: Two young dragons are jumping around Merita’s shoulder blades, experiencing it with a sense of novelty. The journey of flying with the dragons seemed very happy.
These 西安耍耍网 two little guys should be regarded as the most special members of this team-but they are obviously not conscious of it.
(End of this chapter)
Chapter 1258 The ubiquitous magic marks
“Is it really okay to bring these two little guys?” Gao Wen looked away from the two whelps, and couldn’t bear it. She looked forward and said to Melita, “They are just children.”
“The dark blue magic mark reaction on their bodies is an important clue, and also a huge mystery-if we don’t get this done, we will only have longer-term worries,” Melita said witho